Birmingham ( PRESS RELEASE )
Indian Consulate in Birmingham closed down for over two hours in fear of Kashmiris delegation who went to hand over communication addressed for Indian Prime Minister to remind him of 69th anniversary of Indian occupation of Jammu Kashmir.
Najib Afsar stated that normal procedures were followed according to diplomatic norms, but as soon as delegation arrived, the security officials closed the consulate forcing the visitor from leaving or entering the consulate and summoned the British police response unit for assistance, stating that law and order situation at the consulate.
After arrival of the police at the consulate the JKLC delegation held discussion with the officers and matter was amicably resolved between the police officials and JKLC delegation and log number of the incident was registered and incident will be taken to higher British authorities by JKLC.
JKLC delegation led by Siddiq Mirza went with intention to handed over communication addressed to Indian Prime Minister reminding him that today is 69th anniversary of illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir and demanded the followings  
A)    Stop the ongoing excessive use of force on unarmed innocents Kashmiri people.
B)    Withdrew Curfew and allow normalcy within the Jammu Kashmir.
C)    Release Political leadership and detainees including renowned human rights activist Khurram Pervaz.
D)    Allow Yasin Malik  Chairmen of JKLF to travel abroad for urgent medical treatment.
E)    Allow relief NGO’s and International Human Rights Organisations unfettered access into Jammu Kashmir to monitor the situation on the ground.
F)    Freedom of movement for the people of Jammu Kashmir within the state.
G)   Demilitarisation and Unification of Jammu Kashmir
H)   Secure early implementation of United Nations Resolution of 13th August 1948
I)      Return of Mortal Remains of Martyr Maqbool Butt and Martyr Afzal Guru.
1)      Mirza Siddiq of Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front (JKPF)  
2)      Choudhary M. Ashraf, Aslam Mirza, Nazam Bhatti and Cghoudhary Yaqoub of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF
3)      Inam ul Haq Nami of Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party (JKPNP)
4)       Zubair Ansari of Kashmir National Party (KNP)
5)      Mohammed Basharat,  Abid Zaman and Najib Afsar of Kashmir Liberation Organisation (KLO)




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