Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator SirajulHaq, has said that if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif continued exercising his powers even after the formation of an inquiry commission, the dictates of justice in the Panama leaks case would not be fulfilled.

Addressing the Talent Award ceremony of the IslamiJamiat e Talaba at Rawalpindi hotel, he said that the Prime Minister and his family were accused in the Panama leaks case and he should immediately step down and wait for the court verdict. He said it was an irony that in our country, only the poor were brought to accountability and all those enjoying some kind of authority were never touched.

He said that the cancer of corruption could be eliminated only by weeding out every plunderer  through an impartial and transparent accountability. He said that all the state institutions were under the government, and if the Prime Minister stuck to his office even after the formation of the enquiry commission, no institution could function freely and an impartial and transparent enquiry against the Premier could not be even thought of. Therefore, he said, the Prime Minister should show large heartedness, surrender before the court orders and appear before the enquiry commission in person.

SirajulHaq said that if the enquiry against the Prime Minister and his family was impartial and  transparent, the door of catching the thieves  and recovering the looted wealth from them would be opened. However, he said, if there were hurdles in this way from the very beginning, the plunderers  could not be tracked.

Referring to the PIA plane crash, the JI chief said that the tragedy had exposed the working of the PIA.  He said that in our country, neither any enquiry was conducted after an accident, nor anyone accepted responsibility for the mishap. He said the whole nation was grieved over the tragedy in which all those on board including renowned preacher JunaidJamshed were killed. He said that the bereaved families were facing problems in getting the bodies of their dear ones who were distinguished citizens. He said that  the  working of the airlines would have to be improved to check such tragedies.

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