Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control Senator A. Rehman Malik held an important meeting with and addressed the Chief Executives of the Think Tank of U.S. Five Chief Executives included Steve Cohen, Marvin Weinbaum, Shamila  Chaudhary, Daniel Markey, & Ambassador Dan Feldman.Senator A. Rehman Malik who is accompanying Former President Asif Ali Zardari in his visit to United States is meeting people of all walks including U.S Senators, dignitaries and advisers. Senator A. Rehman Malik has said that the PPP delegation led by Former President Asif Ali Zardari aimed to project positive image of Pakistan and todivert U.S attentions towards the basic problems and issued of our country particularly our those problems and issues which the country is facing because of ongoing war on terror as Pakistan has sacrificed both in lives and infrastructure devastation more than any other country of the world.

While talking to U.S think tank, Senator A. Rehman Malik said that peace in South Asia is not possible unless the issue of Kashmir is resolved according to the will of the people Kashmir and per the UNO Resolution on Kashmir.Senator A. Rehman Malik told the U.S think tank that USA must revisit its policy of preferring India over Pakistan adding that the US recent agreements with India including Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) and the U.S designation of India as a “Major Defence Partner” (MDP) have displeased many Pakistanis including him and workers of his party – PPP. Such agreements with Indian and ignoring Pakistan is giving impressions of discrimination to Pakistan and its people, said Senator A. Rehman Malik. The Congress given access to the Military Assets should be withdrawn as it is detrimental to Pakistan, advised Senator A. Rehman Malik. He said that USA must recognize the unrivalled role and sacrifices of Pakistan in war against terrorism as Pakistan has sacrificed lives of both civilians and troops with a great devastation to basic infrastructure undoubtedly more than any country.

Senator A. Rehman Malik while addressing the meeting said that Pakistan expects from President Donald Trumpthat under his leadership the U.S will take the notice of sufferings of oppressed people of Kashmir by Indian Army.He said the oppressed people of Kashmir is suffering the state brutality of Indian Forces which must be stopped now and the people of Kashmir must be given their right of self-determination. He said that it is the need of the hour for peaceful world that the issues of Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir should be resolved and their sufferings must end by now. Senator A. Rehman Malik said that special measures must be taken to hit hard the growing monster of ISIS / Daish across the world as the existence of Daish / ISIS is endangering the whole world. The more we delay in formulating a common strategy to combat the menace of Daish / ISIS, the more we will suffer, said Senator A. Rehman Malik.

The U.S think tank organization must play their role to work out a common strategy against our common enemythat is terrorism and terrorists, Rehman Malik said.

The Think tank group highly appreciated Senator A. Rehman Malik and said that meeting with former Interior Minister of Pakistan remained highly important for them to hear the ground realities and the challenges for Pakistan.

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