The All Pakistan Newspapers Society expresses its profound concern over the incessant trend of unscrupluous outbursts of baseless allegations and hate mongering on a satelite channel against publishers and editors of newspapers. The abusive language and hate speech has now surpassed all moral norms and values and can in fact incite violence by labelling media persons as anti-Islam and anti Pakistan , consequently putting their lives in danger.

The APNS is of the considered opinion that the abuse of freedom of expression for personal ulterior motives may be counter productive and would harm the freedoms earned  by the media industry after protracted struggle. It is in the interest of all stake holders  in the media industry to watch the content being relayed on their channels and newspapers and carefully guard that their screens and pages are not exploited by persons with their personal agenda to defame the renowned personalities of media.

While welcoming the decision of PEMRA to bar airing of certain programmes, the APNS urges upon the Federal Government and PEMRA to take immediate measures to check and stop such trend in a section of electronic media.

CPNE welcomes PEMRA ban on hate-mongering Anchor

KARACHI (PR). Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) welcoming the decision of PEMRA to stop Anchor Amir Liaquat from spreading hate speech.

The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) has condemned the hate speech by and incitement to violence by Amir Liaquat against senior editor and member of CPNEStanding Committee Imtiaz Alam and dozens of other journalists on extremely flimsy and misleading charges. In his Bol TV show’s Amir Liaquat levelled extremely slanderous, immoral, defamatory, provocative and unfounded allegations against respected senior editors ImtiazAlam, andmany journalists in an extremely unethical and irresponsible manner. He is running this campaign against many respected editors and journalists out of enmity and a well thought out plan to vilify most credible voices in our country.

He has pushed the lives of some very respectable and credible people in the profession into jeopardy. We vehemently condemn his smear campaign and endorse the much needed action against Amir Liaquat by PEMRA.Other media outlets should also avoid this hate-monger.

We also demand stern action against Bol TV for violation of code of conduct.


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